Monday, February 11, 2019

Championship Wrestling on February 10, 1968

Taped Wednesday night February 7, 1968 at the WBTV 3 studio in Charlotte, NC.

Tuesday, February 5, 2019

Championship Wrestling on Saturday February 5, 1966

The WBTV 3 show was taped  2/2/1966 in Charlotte, NC. The WGHP 8 show was taped 2/1/1966 in High Point, NC.

Thursday, January 31, 2019

Championship Wrestling on January 31, 1970

This show was taped on Wednesday night January 28, 1970 at the WBTV 3 studio in Charlotte, NC. The show started airing on sister station WBTW 13 in Florence, SC during January 1967. That continued until this show stopped taping in Charlotte, NC in June 1974.

Sunday, January 6, 2019

Sunday morning newspaper memories

    I woke up this Sunday morning thinking back to the 1960’s. I am especially remembering Red and Alice Frye on this particular day. Red and Alice Frye had a store in the Pipers Gap area near the North Carolina/Virginia border not that far from where we live.

    On Sunday mornings, Red or Alice or sometimes both, would deliver our copy of the Journal and Sentinel newspaper that was published in Winston-Salem. The first section I read was the sports. The reason for that was if there was a Jim Crockett wrestling show at the Lexington, NC YMCA on Saturday night, there would be a nice article about the matches. If we were lucky, there might also be a nice ad about the upcoming matches in Greensboro or Winston-Salem.

    Red and Alice also sold comic books at their store during that time. Besides Bill Whitaker at the Canteen newsstand on Main Street in Mount Airy, Red’s store was another place I could buy “funny books” as most people called them back then, for a nickel, which was below retail prices. You see, the retailers had to cut the top third of the comic book covers that they did not sell, then send those back to the distributors. After that the unsold copies were to be disposed of. Red would get these unsold comics from stores such as Nowlin’s  (spelling may be incorrect) Supermarket who sold National Periodical Publications (DC) comics and Jim Young’s Toast Supermarket who sold Charlton comics. Both of these stores were located near each other on Highway 89 in the Toast, NC area.

    Today I say thank you to Red and Alice Frye for providing me with so many great memories.