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Greensboro,NC - Nov.7,1951

Angelo Martinelli won the tournament that included Jack Vansky,Herb Larsen,Jack Kelly,Ali Bey,Wild Bill Cazzell,Antone Leone,Nick Roberts,Jack O'Brien,Lou Plummer,Bill Venable and Babe Sharkey.

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Buddy Rogers - WFMY 1962

Charlie Harville interviewed NWA World Heavyweight Champion Buddy Rogers two nights before Buddy defended the belt against Billy Darnell in the Greensboro Coliseum.The match took place on April 5,1962.

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Atlantic Coast Tag Team Belts - 3rd & Final Version

This photo is from 1971 with Swede Hanson,Playboy Gary Hart and Rip Hawk.I purchased this photo in 2007 from Scooter Lesley who owns the Gene Gordon Collection.

Atlantic Coast Tag Team Belts - Version # 2

The first photo is from 1970 with Paul Jones and Nelson Royal wearing the 1969-1970 version of the Atlantic Coast Tag belts. Note the Eagle on the main plate is smaller and shaped different than on the 1971-1973 version. Also the side plates are rectangle whereas the final version had circular side plates.

The second photo is also from 1970 with Gene and Ole Anderson wearing the second version of the Atlantic Coast belts.

Crockett Southern Tag Team Belts

These are the Southern Tag Team belts that were used in Jim Crockett Promotions from May 1965 until May 1969. Even after Rip Hawk and Swede Hanson brought the Atlantic Coast belts to the territory in 1968, George Becker and Johnny Weaver defended these belts for almost another year before winning the Atlantic Coast belts from Rip and Swede.These belts disappeared shortly thereafter.

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Atlantic Coast Tag Team Belt - Version # 3

This is the third and final version of the Crockett Atlantic Coast Tag Team belts that were used from 1971-1973. I wish I had a better version to display here.I blew this up from a magazine photo. At least you can make out the features of the main plate.

Rip Hawk & Swede Hanson

Swede Hanson and Rip Hawk wearing the original version of the Atlantic Coast Tag Team belts that they debuted in the Crockett territory during June 1968.

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Haystack Calhoun -May 26,1962

Haystack Calhoun becomes a proud papa when his daughter, Kathy Elizabeth is born in Charlotte,NC 50 years ago. Please click on the image to enlarge.

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TV Wrestling - Sat. May 11,1968

This show was taped Wed. night May 8,1968 at the channel 3 studio of WBTV in Charlotte,NC.