Tuesday, April 24, 2018

Ringley & Crockett Inc.

     The earliest newspaper reference I have mentioning John Ringley as President of Ringley & Crockett Inc.was published on January 28, 1971. The last was published on August 29, 1974. During the early 1970's, John Ringley conducted some of the filmed interviews with wrestlers during the Crockett tv shows. I would like to hear from anyone who has additional information on this.

     As of April 1975 John Ringley was promoting for Eddie Graham in Melbourne, Florida.

Thursday, April 19, 2018

R.I.P. Paul Jones

     This 1968 photo Paul Jones with Nelson Royal is how I want to remember Paul Jones. Paul came to Jim Crockett Promotions in January 1968 and would work for them over the next 20 years until the promotion was sold in 1988. He would travel to other promotions over the years but would always return.

      I saw Paul Jones wrestle countless times on tv and at live shows. Some of the times I treasure most are the times Paul appeared on spot shows in my home county of Surry. I was able to talk to Paul about this at the 2005 Charlotte Fanfest. He actually remembered his October 1969 appearance during the Autumn Leaves Festival. He told me that while he and Nelson Royal were walking up Main street for an autograph signing at Belk department store, the "moonshine still" they passed on the way is what stood out in his mind. Paul Jones and Nelson Royal beat Tom Bradley and Johnny Heidman  later that night at the YMCA.

Rest in peace Paul Jones.

Thursday, April 12, 2018

August 17, 1975 in Greensboro, NC

    Johnny Valentine had defeated Harley Race for the U.S. Heavyweight title in Greensboro on July 3, 1975. Mr. Valentine also won the rematch over Harley Race on July 26, 1975. For the August 17, 1975 Greensboro card it was announced during the local promos that a former U.S. champ was coming in. A short clip of the Sheik was shown during those promos. I hoped that this would lead to a series of matches between the Sheik and Johnny Valentine. It was not to be. After the plane crash, during one of the early promos for the upcoming U.S tournament, Jim Crockett Jr. told the fans that the Sheik had expressed an interest in entering the tournament. Jim Jr. then said that he had informed the Sheik that he would have to post an appearance bond if he wished to enter. If my memory is correct, the figure Jim Jr. mentioned was ten thousand dollars.