Saturday, October 2, 2010

Wrestling on WGHP

Freddie Blassie came in for this tv taping of Championship Wrestling.It was taped in the studio of WGHP channel 8 at the Sheraton Hotel in High Point,NC on Tuesday Oct.19,1965.The show aired on Sat.Oct.23,1965.George and Sandy Scott had a big match coming up with Bob Orton and Freddie Blassie on Thurs.Oct.28,1965 in Greensboro,NC.I remember that Bob Orton and Freddie Blassie won two straight falls over Jesse James and Omar Atlas on this tv show. The Scott brothers did the same with Tony Nero and Jack Vansky if I remember right.

After the house show in Greensboro took place,we were told on tv the following week that Freddie Blassie was injured in that match in Greensboro.The Great Malenko, who was the manager of Orton and Blassie in that match would be replacing Blassie for the rematch with the Scott brothers on Thanksgiving night,Nov.25,1965.

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