Monday, January 7, 2013

Jim Crockett Sr.'s First Greensboro,NC Event

Jim Crockett Sr. promoted his first Greensboro,North Carolina wrestling event on December 20,1933 after converting a warehouse into a sports arena.Nick Bozinis beat Mike Kilonis in 38 minutes with a rolling wristlock. Jim Hesslyn beat Gus (Knot Head) Pappas in the other match. Mr. Crockett donated a percentage of the gate to the Empty Stocking fund. *Note: Ramon Atkins was listed as the local Greensboro promoter for the matches held on December 13,1933. Mr. Atkins,a former golf professional, had been the Greensboro promoter since November 1,1933. George Cazana had been the Greensboro promoter prior to Ramon Atkins taking over.

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